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Individual Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, Couples Counseling, Group Therapy and Family Therapy to address issues including but not limited to:

  •     Sexual Abuse
  •     PTSD
  •     Depressive Disorders
  •     Anxiety Disorders
  •     Anger Management
  •     Bereavement
  •     Eating Disorders
  •     Grief
  •     Cancer


Evaluation of emotional or learning disorders including but not limited to:

  •     ADHD
  •     Learning Disabilities
  •     Traumatic Brain Injuries
  •     Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and Adjustment 
  •     Developmental Disabilities

Forensic Consultation including:

  •     Assessment of Sexual Abuse Allegations
  •     Assessment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •     Disability Evaluations